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Marshawn Lynch Says The Biggest Blessing In His Life Was The Seahawks Not Giving Him The Ball On The Goal Line In The Super Bowl Against The Patriots

This is a quote I would have kept in the chamber if I was Marshawn Lynch. He could live the rest of his life being like if they just gave me the ball, we win that Super Bowl and no one could ever question it. I do get what he means in some sense because if he didn't get the ball in the end zone or fumbles, everyone remembers that instead of this. 

I'll give Patriots fans a second to clean themselves up.

That is one of the biggest moments in sports and Marshawn is always remembered for really just doing nothing on that play. It still bothers me today that they didn't run on 2nd and goal or even do a play action. This is also why sports fans are just the best because 8 years later people are still asking Lynch why the Seahawks didn't give him the ball.

I always wondered if professional athletes actually looked at losses like Marshawn does and not the typical bullshit media answers. Like if a pitcher shoves in a big game, but the offense didn't score a run or the bullpen blows the game, are they really that mad deep down inside? I think that's what Marshawn is saying here is he's thankful they didn't give him the ball in case he fucked it up and 8 years later we are still remembering him not getting in the end zone. No athlete will ever tell you that, but it is the truth.