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Golden Tate Exposes Davante Adams For Botched Last Play

The reason I give this credit is that they are using the same flood pattern concept that is actually supposed to end up with hitting the guy up the flat. If you check it he's wide open. This is why the little things are so important. The mandatory outside release is essential to the execution of the whole play. The inside release resulted in tragedy. Also, this absolves Renfrow of wrongdoing because of course, the guy running the deep speed out shouldn't be worried about someone being there on the blind turn. But who looks like they would screw up the route more?

And most people blamed him.

He probably knew it was his fault leading to this event. 

But honestly, I am more pissed at Derek Carr. The dude had the under route wide open. Derek Carr got greedy and wanted the win. Peep Mack Hollins on the play.

Tons of separation for the 1st down and to get out of bounds. Davante and Carr got greedy! Davante wanted to win deep and not get washed to the sideline by the press corner; Carr wanted him deep! I actually think those two were calling it presnap but didn't take into account Renfrow's route involving a blind turn.