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A Fan Found Brent Venables Phone Number And Started Texting Him Advice, Refused To Respond When Brent Texted Him Back

This is basically every fan's dream. You get to send a personal message to the coach with your own x's and o's. Hell, maybe they'll even use your play. However, you can't be a pussy. If the coach hits you back you need to respond. No more waiting around and being scared. This is football. You want to be SEC Oklahoma? You can't be afraid of your coach (except for Saban). That's the only coach you can't give advice to and can rightfully back away from. But really? A year 1 guy? You better respond when Brent hits you back. 

I love this so much though. I've always wanted to text Calipari or Stoops my own thoughts. Will they listen? Absolutely not. But I got plenty of opinions on what to do and what plays to run. I need to know more about the fan who got Venable's number though. Most importantly how old are they? I assume they are relatively younger since it was a text message. 

This is good and all but nothing will ever top this Kansas fan: 

I also gotta give Venables credit for responding. That's what I'd do if I were a coach. Okay, you got opinions, let's hear them out. Maybe this fan is a genius. Maybe they have the missing piece that he kept forgetting about. But I love that he texted the guy back. Put them on the spot because you know Venables has been catching shit for weeks now. 

Lesson as always is make sure you have a plan. Don't be scared.