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Credit Kentucky Hoops For Being A Good Big Time Program And Tossing Poor Little Indiana A Bone By Agreeing To Play Them Again

Credit to Kentucky here. Indiana fans have been crying for years about playing this game again. I know they are used to losing but seems weird to keep trying to play the team who kicks your ass. Kentucky is 10-4 against Indiana since the calendar hit 2000. Seems pretty good! 

I don't care about playing Indiana one way or another. Good to play a power conference school but Kentucky always has big time games. We always have the Champions Classic, the CBS Classic, Louisville and the Big 12 game. Those are always on the calendar. But people go crazy for this rivalry - which really hasn't been a rivalry since like Joe B Hall vs Bob Knight. 

There was also the problem with where they were going to play. Calipari wanted neutral court games, Indiana wants campus. Now you agree to this multi-year movement and see what happens. Frankly I hope Kentucky pulls out before they go to Bloomington just to piss Indiana off. 


So credit Kentucky. Sometimes you gotta throw a bone to those smaller, less successful programs.