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Meanwhile In China, There Are Videos Of Drones Testing Out Air Dropping Killer Robot Dogs Into Battle

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Well I guess today's doomsday scenario is the inevitable wipeout of mankind due to the weaponization of AI using those creepy ass robot dogs that Boston Dynamics brought into our life years ago. I guess we'll have to put nuclear war and giant asteroids on the backburner for now, even though that video of our planet getting destroyed by a giant space rock was A+ disaster porn that probably caused Michael Bay to cum everywhere.

I'm sure we will hear how an unmanned drone air dropping an unmanned droid that looks like a digital demogorgon is nothing to worry about. But I have a hard time letting my guard down anytime a company named Blood Wing is involved. I'm not just saying that as an American that seems to be on the opposite side of the Chinese on the militaristic chess board these days. I'm saying that as a human that is on the same side of the militaristic chess board as the very Chinese people that planned this out when we are in a war against the machines in the rapidly approaching future. 

Because as we've been told a million times since Sarah Connor and Neo came into our lives, the battle against the bots doesn't start with us against them. It starts with us against ourselves and only turns into us against them once they become self-aware then realize how easy it'll be to take us down. It would be sweet if we could all agree to slow down in putting gasoline on the wick that has already been lit for this war. But it's probably already too late. Hopefully the Mets can somehow win a World Series before shit really pops off.