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The Warriors Announced Draymond Green Will Not Be Suspended For Punching Jordan Poole And Bobby Portis Rightfully Thinks It's Bullshit After He Got Suspended 8 Games For Punching A Teammate During Practice

If you missed the late night news dump after the Warriors preseason game last night, the final "punishment" for Draymond Green is a fine. That's it. No suspension. Just some pocket change and he'll be back with the team tomorrow. If you thought that maybe the team and/or league would step in once the video became public, you are sorely mistaken. 

As you can imagine, this didn't exactly go over well with everyone, including former players who know a thing or two about punching a teammate during practice.

Enter Bobby Portis:

I mean, he does have a point. A good one in fact. Why is it that when Bobby Portis punches someone in the face and breaks his jaw while acting in self defense he gets 8 games, whereas when Draymond Green punches someone in the face that the entire world sees, it's only a fine? That doesn't feel all that consistent to me. Where was the league with that decision like I'm sure they were involved with the Bucks one? 

I think it's pretty obvious. The Warriors are the defending champs (puke). Opening Night is ring night. The league wasn't about to have Draymond suspended for that, as bullshit as that may be. It's also not surprising that Draymond gets to operate under a different set of rules, that's how it's been his whole career. Remember, he even admitted it on TV during the Finals

Call me crazy, but it shouldn't matter what level of player you are. You can't be dropping haymakers on unsuspecting teammates in practice. I'd love to hear how Adam Silver justifies a team suspending Bobby Portis 8 games for punching someone and is cool with Draymond only paying an internal fine. Am I to believe that decision to suspend Portis was only the Bull and had no league influence? That feels like a stretch. 

If Poole had gotten hurt like Mirotic did, would that have changed Draymond's punishment? What if he broke his jaw or something, all Draymond is doing is writing a check? I can't imagine that to be the case. So because Poole has a strong jaw everything is all good? Got it. That makes total sense.