Former Ohio State All-American OT Kirk Barton Has Been Caught "Compromising Journalistic Integrity" By Stealing Practice Footage And Leaking Information

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Former Ohio State offensive tackle Kirk Barton and his associate Ken Stickney (known online as “Nevadabuck”) used “improper and unauthorized access to Ohio State’s internal football video system” to “[expose] team formations, schemes and personnel changes” on the website the duo co-founded, Buckeye Scoop, per a document obtained by Meet at Midfield through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Give back your diploma, gold pants, all of your championship rings, and any jerseys you may have kept. You are no longer a The Ohio State Buckeye. In fact, I think a fair punishment for this type of offense is that Barton should have to legally change his name to Benedict Arnold, since he has a striking resemblance in personality with America's most notorious traitor. But all that's coming out of this is he and his buddy have gotten their media credentials revoked and Barton has become the first alumni player to ever lose his open invite to practices?  I want the Death Penalty but I would settle for lifetime in prison for what has been described as "compromising the spirit of journalistic integrity".

Emig’s communication to the arbitrator, speaking on behalf of Ohio State, also noted that the pair were in “direct violation of Ohio State’s closed football practice policy” and were “uniquely problematic because of the improper and dishonest manner in which they gained access to these closed practices.” Emig continued, saying they “compromised the spirit of journalistic integrity.”

Big J journalists just shuddered reading that last sentence. The ultimate red mark on your career. This is like your Dad saying he's not mad, he's disappointed. There's really no coming back from compromising the spirit of journalistic integrity. And I'm interested to hear what the legal analysts say today when this leads off the 6 o'clock SportsCenter. Because this isn't just leaking information from a closed football practice. This is leaking information from a closed football practice of a team in which you were an All-American for. Disgusting.