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Asshole Protestor Who Ran Onto The Field With His Own Flares Is Crying Because He Got Burnt When Bobby Wagner Tackled Him

[Source] - Via, the trespasser allegedly suffered a concussion, among other injuries. He also was burned on his arm, apparently due to the incendiary device he carried onto the field.

Oh what a shame. The poor bastard who decided to trespass and make a game all about him has a concussion and got burnt. Typically I'd talk about concussion protocol but 1) I don't care that he has a concussion and 2) the fact he's crying about getting burnt is fucking hilarious. The dude brought flares! There was like a 60% chance he was getting burnt whether Bobby Wagner laid him out or not. 

You know what? The more I think about it, the happier I am that he filed a lawsuit just so we can see this ridiculousness. Let me know he got burnt because he deserved it. Let me know he's crying about it because I find funny as shit. Play dumb games, get these sort of results. Again, he's lucky Bobby Wagner didn't really connect on that hit. It was a good hit, but not All-Pro level. 

Now the only way to sum up this guy: 

Giphy Images.

Let this lawsuit to go to trial just so we can make fun of him publicly please.