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John Sterling Decided A 1920's Song Reference Was Appropriate for Harrison Bader's Home Run Call

John Sterling is one of the all time greats love him or hate him. Lives for Homerun calls. Has his punchlines ready to go for every Yankee he's ever called . "An A-Bomb from A-Rod ... "Rizzo rakes ... nobody beats the Riz" and on and on he goes. 

If you don't believe me check this link of current Yankee HomeRun calls. Or watch this all time compilation : 

Guy lives for it ! Lives for his punchlines. 

Tonight he made the wild decision to incorporate a 1921 song "I'm Just Wild About Harry" reference into a homerun call in 2022.  You almost have to respect how insane John Sterling is. Does he care that 99% of the audience watching has no idea what he's talking about ? Absolutely not. Does he care that he's on radio and the amount of people listening to him is a fraction of those watching on tv ? Hell no. He's going to get that Homerun call in one way or the other. It's so nuts you have to appreciate it. The guy is relentless.

When this is what you are working with, what did you expect ? 

On the bright side at least Bader's homerun went over the fence this time. A problem John has had in the past. 

Bonus clip for the youngsters … Mike in Mahopac aka Sour Shoes was an ALL TIME Francesa caller and could do Sterling and Suzyn Waldman among others to a tee. Used to be hysterical to catch these live in the car. Never change Sour Shoes, never change John Sterling .