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Nick Castellanos Has One Of The Most Beautiful Minds In Baseball, Expertly Breaks Down His Outrageous Catch

Nick Castellanos once famously said, "I don't have a college degree, I hit baseballs". But don't let that fool you. This man still knows ball like the best of them. And that breakdown of his massive snag in the bottom of the 9th was magnificent. 

"I saw him swing, and then I saw him hit it. It was just going towards me, and I ran and caught it as best I could". 

In other words--Nicky Baseball is just a bad, bad man who is a playmaker. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. Just a guy who sees a ball gets hit in his general direction and comes up with the grab. I'm sure there are other guys out there who would try to make up some bullshit detailed rundown of all the decisions that went into making that play just to make themselves sound smarter. Not Big Stick Nick. Dude's just a ball player doing ball player things. 

Fuck your college degree. Mash baseballs instead. 

Said? Said.