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VIDEO: Parolee That Can't Be Late For Work Or Will Be Arrested Clashes With Protestors Blocking Roads

Imagine going to prison, trying to reform your life, you're folding the laundry and minding your Ps and Qs, and finally get out. All you have to do is show up to work on time and not commit any crimes, which for most people besides me would be an easy task, right? 

Then one day, on the way to work, a bunch of activists decide to park their asses in the middle of the highway to protest climate change and you're just sitting in your car dreading the thought of going back to prison. And in this hypothetical that I can't relate to, you've never had a problem getting to work on time because you still wake up at the same time the lights went on in prison- like clockwork. 

So there you are. In your car. Life back on the straight and narrow. You tipped the barista at Starbucks that morning and she smiled and you walked out whistling a tune. You are driving to work listening to the newest episode of Cracking Aces, and it's another banger. And all of a sudden, unexpected traffic. 


When most people are late for work, they get a stern talking to from their boss, and possibly suspended. But this poor guy, when he's late for work he might have to go back to prison. And not for nothing, those protestors, instead of addressing the 100 corporations that cause 70% of emissions, or China which produces more emissions than all of the west combined, decided to target domestic transportation and cause idle emissions. They decided to target you as a parolee who is trying to get his life back together and can't even drive. 

That might make you lose your shit, just as this guy did when he ended up getting arrested for.

In fact, the one camera person he bumped because he didn't want to be filmed and potentially sent to jail decided to start a gofundme to support the guy's court bills. 

I mean, the guy was definitely acting impulsive and erratic, but he was a guy trying to turn his life around and get to work, a father who needed to put food on the table. 

I understand the need to protest and find it important to the foundation of America, but lets not hurt those who just want to turn their lives around. But also, I now have a perfect excuse for the next time I am late, so shout out to the protestors, definitely adding this one to my files.