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This High School Won A Game Using The Weirdest Rule In Football

Jordan High School found itself leading Cottonwood by two points with less than 30 seconds left in the game and having to punt from its own end zone. Instead of trying to go after the punt and get a safety or maybe a touchdown off a block, Cottonwood took advantage of the weirdest rule in football to try to win the game.

In high school football and the NFL, a team is able to attempt a free kick from the spot of a fair catch, though it's rarely used. So Cottonwood put three players back to field the punt and attempted a free kick field goal from the 37-yard line. They nailed the uncontested field goal and won the game 25-24.

I would ask why Jordan didn't try to punt the ball out of bounds to avoid this situation, but I don't know how many coaches out there even know this is allowed, let alone would remember in a tense end-of-game situation. If you lose on this, you have to just tip your cap.

I'm shocked this hasn't happened to the Falcons yet. This seems like the only way they haven't managed to lose a game.