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Baker Mayfield Has The 2nd Worst QBR To Start The Season Since The Stat Was Invented, Only Better Than Jamarcus Russell In 2008

So I'm sitting on shitter during my lunch period reading Matt Fitzgerald's blog about Matt Rhule getting fired when I see this tweet inside of it and I thought, hey that's a wild stat about my former quarterback Baker Mayfield. I've been on record saying that I like Baker Mayfield the person and thought he did a decent job as the Browns quarterback. I don't think he got enough credit for taking the dog shit franchise that is the Cleveland Browns from 0-16 to a playoff victory, but ultimately I decided that he was not the guy we needed to help us take the next step. And folks, when you're right, you're right. It would literally be impossible to win a Super Bowl with Baker Mayfield. However, where I was wrong was the part where I thought Baker Mayfield was a decent QB. Turns out he STINKS.

2nd worst start since the stat was INVENTED? Only better than Jamarcus Russell, who is unanimously known as the the biggest bust in NFL history? Guys, pause your reading and think about some of the quarterbacks who have played in this league between 2008 and now. Baker Mayfield has played worse through the first five games than ALL OF THEM. Deshone Kizer, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, and Curtis Painter have all started seasons for teams since then.

You have to think that with the coaching change and the idea that the Panthers are cleaning house to rebuild that they will be bringing in a new QB in the draft, which they'll need a high pick to get their high. So with the news that Baker will miss the next couple weeks due to injury.....

....means that there's a legit chance he's done as QB1 of the Panthers. Why play the guy you consider to be your best chance to win games if you're trying to lose games? Then again, there might not be a better quarterback on this planet right now to lose games than Baker Reagan Mayfield.

If this is the end of Baker Mayfield's time in Carolina, I need to know what's next. Does a team bring him on as a backup? I don't think so because a good rule of thumb is to not let your backup QB be more drama than the starter. But will a team ever sign him again to be their starter? I would put that at a 0.0% chance from what we've seen during his time with the Panthers.

Folks, has Baker Mayfield played his last NFL game?