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Draymond Green And The Entire Golden State Warriors Organization Are The Absolute Worst

ESPN(lies)- The Golden State Warriors are taking "every legal course of action" to discover how video of Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole during a scuffle at practice Wednesday was made public, sources told ESPN.

TMZ on Friday morning published video of the incident, which took place during a practice closed to the media.

In the video, Green steps up to Poole, who reacts by shoving the Warriors veteran. Green then punches Poole, knocking him down, before several people at the practice intervene to break it up. There was no video showing what led up to the incident.

The Warriors are still in the process of disciplining Green, but Myers said before the video was released that he did not expect Green to miss any games due to punishment.

"These things happen. Nobody likes it, we don't condone it, but it happens," Myers said Thursday. "Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room. ... As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally."

I’d like to preface my thoughts on this subject right at the top by admitting that I am one of those vile, wretched Celtics fans, responsible for the mental and verbal abuse leashed out on the poor members of the Golden State Warriors team, staff, and fans at last years NBA finals. Although I didn’t physically attend one of the games in person, simply being associated with the fan base makes me guilty. And for that, I’m ashamed and sorry. Our continued hope is to strive to be better and hold ourselves to a higher level like Steve Kerr’s role model squad so well embodies.

That’s a long-winded way of saying I’m a scumbag Celtics fan so take this all with a grain of salt.

*This blog was originally titled, “So Let’s Get This Straight, The Warriors Are Launching An Intensive Investigation Into Who Leaked The Video Of Draymond Green Sucker Punching Jordan Poole, But Not Into Draymond Actually Sucker Punching His Teammate?”

Isn’t it good to know where the upstanding Warriors’ priorities lie?

As far as they’re concerned, it’s an open-and-shut case as to why Draymond Green took things to an unacceptable level at practice with Jordan Poole last week.

And why are any of us surprised to be honest? The guy is the absolute worst.

There’s always been those goons on teams that you fucking love if they wear your team's uniform, but absolutely despise if they don’t. The Bill Lambiers, Matt Barnes, and hell, even Kevin Garnetts of the world. Factor in the advent of social media, and these guys have outlets to spout off whenever and however they want, no longer needing a media person's microphone in front of their face and arguably, nobody has defined the term “heel” better than Draymond Green.

At first it was kind of cute. In a throwback to the rough and tough NBA of the 80s and 90s sort of way.

But then he became a cheap shot artist on the court, and absolutely insufferable off it.

I’m not even sure how Golden State fans can still stand him.

He alienates teammates, and has given what could be, and should be, one of the all-time funnest teams to watch and root for from an outsider's perspective (Clay, Steph, and all the nightly jaw-dropping highlights), into one of the league's most hated. 

So again, for the team to dry their hands of this and say they’re “handling internally”, while Draymond issues a half-assed, pseudo apology and says he’s “taking time away for himself”, the Warriors organization focuses its sites on the real issue here- the video scout who leaked this footage to TMZ for 3-4 years worth of salary.

Speaking of Draymond’s apology, what a joke.

Want to know how to know it was USDA grade A bullshit? Because the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.


(Had to screenshot and embed this because she caught so much shit for defending this she just deleted her entire account. And you know that wasn’t her thinking, “gosh, I put my foot in my mouth there.” That was 100% the team or Silver’s office freaking out on her.)

And if Draymond truly believed he was wrong, then his mom wouldn’t be defending him on fucking twitter like an enabler.

(Sidebar- something happened between my generation and this younger one. In school, if my friends and I got in a fight, first, we’d get our asses kicked in the fight. Then we’d get our asses kicked by the nuns/teachers. Then when we got home we’d really get our asses kicked by our parents. Today nobody’s kid ever does anything wrong and parents are their biggest defenders. It’s bonkers.)

This wasn’t a sucker punch, Mam?

Ok lady you’re scaring me. But got it.

Wonder what her take would’ve been had roles been reversed. What if Draymond was the smaller guy, “being called bitch numerous times” by Poole in this practice, before calling a foul and being confronted, with his hands down by his sides, and then clobbered with a right hook in the jaw out of nowhere?

Now back to the Warriors- the hallmark franchise of integrity and character.

For them to not see the forest for the trees here, and sick the hounds on their own low-level staff to find “the leak” is so professional sports it hurts.

I have a friend who works for a pretty prestigious sports team and I get to hear the most insane stories regarding what asinine shit they prioritize over stuff that actually matters. All from an internal standpoint and optics/PR standpoint.

Their biggest concern in the world is moles and leaks within the organization. Stuff getting out to the media that isn’t carefully and articulately handcrafted by them in official media releases, or disseminated to one of their media plants directly.


They don’t care about the actual fucked up stuff taking place behind the curtains, just that fucked up stuff getting out to the public.

The Warriors don’t care that one of their biggest liabilities and noted head cases hauled off and assaulted another member of their organization, they care about the fact actual video of it got out to the public.

The million-dollar question here, (much like how the release of the Ray Rice video completely changed how Ginger Satan reacted discipline-wise) is would the Warriors even have done anything at all had this video never seen the light of day?

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