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SOAKING: Watch Rone Teach A Befuddled Pat Beverley The Dirty Secret Of Utah

Everyone talks about new media and what exactly it is. This is it. It's teaching Pat Beverley what soaking is and how he would have had to adapt in Utah. I can't get enough of the silence after he Rone had to adjust how he was explaining it. No more using car analogies. Just had to talk about that dick soaking. 

Sure we could hear about how he's a basketball psychiatrist of teams

That's an elite nickname and everything. But it's not the breakdown of soaking. It's learning what you could have been around in Utah. It's bizarre, but there's no better name for something than soaking. It sums it up perfectly. It's also this moment that Pat Bev realized what he learned: 

I can't stop laughing at the pause right there. It's so perfect.