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The Photographer That Davante Adams Shoved Last Night Has Already Filed A Police Report Claiming He Suffered Injuries As A Victim Of Assault

TMZ- The photographer shoved to the ground by Davante Adams after the Raiders-Chiefs "MNF" game has officially filed a police report against the NFL superstar, claiming he was injured during the incident and had to go to the hospital.

Authorities tell us the man claimed he was the victim of an assault. They say he told them he suffered injuries ... though they were "thought to be non-life threatening." They added that the man was later transported to the hospital.

Another week, another person filing a police report on a football player that tossed him like a ragdoll during a Monday Night Football broadcast in Roger Goodell's NFL!

Now on the surface, this feels like a much different case than the asshole that ran on the field blowing pink smoke out of his ass. Because if you run onto the field during a game, you know two things are almost always true:

1. The crowd is going to cheer for you because they love seeing someone stick it to The Man (which is usually a bunch of overweight security guys).

2. You are going to get Trucksticked, either by the most in shape security guard or an athlete that has had enough of your shit.

Meanwhile, this photographer was seemingly minding his own business in his place of work before Davante shoved him to the ground from the blindside. Not quite Lawrence Taylor taking down Joe Theisman. But a cheap shot nonetheless. Let's see what NFL Insider Adam Schefter thinks of all this.

Very interesting Adam!

HOWEVAH, my new coworker Jeffro opened my eyes to a different angle of what went down last night and I'm starting to think we may have a case.

This is the angle Jeffro spoke of:

Along with his defense of Davante:

The facts are clear from the above angle. Davante Adams was looking down walking through the tunnel and minding his own damn business when out of nowhere:

Crazy camera guy rushes right past him in a surprise accidental attack. For all Adams knew dude was some crazed Chiefs fan looking to do him harm in the .0001 seconds he had to react. Would I have liked Adams to at least have helped the guy up? Sure, but in his defense he was being ushered forward by team personnel and given the fact that this all occurred in the blink of an eye, I definitely buy him not fully realizing his instincts fucked up before it was too late to awkwardly go back. 

I mean Jesus, it's not like he sought the guy out. And how the hell is no one calling camera guy out for having zero clue where he was? But hey, I'm glad you all think you'd see some random dude running straight through you while you're wearing a football helmet and looking down. Give me a break.

All very good points by the new guy. Again, we just had some lunatic running on a football field last Monday. I know NFL players are asked to make decisions in an instant during the field of play. But it's hard to ask them to do the same when regular people just pop out of nowhere on the field, especially on the road where shit like this happens.

To be clear, I'm not defending Davante. That's the job of the poor yet rich son of a bitch the Raiders have on retainer as their team lawyer. I'm just calling them as I see them. 

Regardless of what happens, this photographer should be showing up like this to work every day until his case against the Raiders new $140 million man is settled and claim his picture taking finger has been directly impacted by his injured neck along with his ability to get the best angles for his shots.