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Draymond's Mom Hopped On Twitter And Gave One Of The Most Bizarre Spinzones Of All Time In Defense Of Her Son

Bart Young. Getty Images.

Oh, you thought the Draymond punch fiasco was going to be over all because he gave a good PR apology? You fool. This is 2022, nothing ever ends. Especially when Twitter exists. So while the Warriors and Draymond I'm sure are focused on turning the page and rebuilding some trust within their locker room, Draymond's mom had a pretty different approach to this whole thing.

Instead of just letting it be, she decided to take to Twitter and basically tried to justify what Draymond did (she deleted her whole account, but Blogging 101 told me to take a screenshot just in case. The internet is forever)

Now look, Draymond's mom is clearly ride or die. I would expect nothing else. I'm not a mom but I can understand the idea behind standing with/supporting your son no matter what. Well maybe I wouldn't exactly want my mom hopping on the internet and saying some rather ridiculous things about me punching someone, but my mom doesn't even know what the internet is. She still uses the phonebook and prints out directions on MapQuest, so this is something I personally would never have to worry about. Shoutout Mama Greenie. 

The problem with what Mary B is doing here is the video exists. We've all seen it.

The issue there is it completely contradicts what Draymond's mom is trying to say. That's tough. It also sort of explains Draymond's mentality on the court. The guy never thinks he does anything wrong despite there being clear evidence of him being very, very wrong.

It does make you think about that apology though. I don't think it's a stretch to think that Draymond may feel one way about it and then publicly said another. The way his mom is talking, I think deep down we know how Draymond's side feels. 


Overall though, this is why parents should just keep quiet on Twitter when stuff like this happens. It's a no-win situation. Nobody is going to see that tweet and be like

"You know what? Draymond's mom has a point!"

It's ONLY going to make things worse. In no way does this help Draymond. If anything, it only further enables his behavior which obviously has been happening his whole life, especially on the basketball court. 

There are some things in life you need to just leave alone, and this is probably one of them when it comes to Draymond's family members. Draymond is a big boy, he can handle the repercussions of his actions. He made a decision, and now he has to live with the consequences. That's how the world works. Hopping on Twitter and trying to make it seem like the entire world hasn't seen the video of your son punching the shit out of someone is not exactly a move I would go with. 

Then again, my new coworker Pat Beverly chimed in on his new podcast with Rone giving his take of the whole fight and I can't help but feel he may have been partially responsible for this whole situation due to his schedule.