Discovery Channel Released A Feel Good Video Of What It'd Look Like If The Largest Asteroid In The Solar System Hit Earth

I watched the entire video trying to find one little speck of the Earth where I could hide out as everyone got tsunami'd and incinerated to death. Thought maybe like Greenland or New Zealand would be spared. Nope. We dead. All of us. Deader than the dinosaurs because I don't think they'd find any bones. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, or whatever they say in church and the Lion King. 

Watching that kind of makes me want to be a nihilist. Like, nothing actually matters. You watch that and you realize that everything you've been working towards your entire life is totally insignificant and can be wiped away in an instant if the wrong big rock sets up to take a charge against the Earth. You could be a billionaire. You could be homeless. You could be working to become your very best and poof you're evaporated. 

Unfortunately for me, nihilism isn't in my nature. As much as I try to not care about things...I fucking care, and it sucks. Portnoy reads out the top 20 list on various podcasts now and people are trying to get on them. I don't think I've ever missed the top 20. Not because it means more money for me. It doesn't. I just care about stuff. Stupid stuff. Stuff like beating people in pop-a-shot, trying to learn about what is going on in the world, and the Chicago Bears. None of the things in this paragraph have any sort of significance in the grand scheme of things. They're just things I do while I wait for a rock to smash into the rock that I'm flying through space on. Can't change my nature any more than NASA can change the trajectory of that asteroid.