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Ben Simmons Has Clearly Been Putting In That Work, Only Airballs This Shot By Like 8 Inches

Hell yeah, Ben! Looks smooth, kid! Like butter. 

This is what I love about professional sports. You get to see guys who want to be great. Nay, NEED to be great. They'll do whatever it takes to bring their game to that next level and get a jump on the rest of the competition. If that means locking themselves in the gym and working on their shot until it's as pure as the water running through Puerto Williams in Chile, then that's what they're willing to do. 

Ben Simmons is obviously doing everything he can to work on his shot to round out that aspect of his game. I mean did you see that? He only missed the rim by 6-8 inches. A few more long nights in the gym and Ben Ten might even be able to brick one off the backboard by the end of this season. DEMON MODE!!!


Honestly the one good thing that Ben had going for him here is that it didn't look like Kyrie or Durant saw this shot in real time. I think Durant would have just immediately walked out and demanded another trade had he witnessed that thing. And for Kyrie, I guess Ben air balling the shit out of this shot is still better than catching a rebound in the face again. 

Anyways, I just hope people realize how awful it is of them to expect a professional basketball player to work on...shooting a basketball. How dare you question his drive? Also when would you even expect him to have the time to focus on doing extra work? Those Call of Duty games don't just win themselves, ya know. 

Can't wait to hear what Rone and Pat Bev have to say about Ben in future episodes of their podcast.