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Paying Up When You Lose A Bet Isn't Easy: The Grog Bet Was No Exception

Two weeks ago, the Jaguars lost to the Eagles in a sloppy game played in wild weather. The result? Trevor Lawrence had a ridiculous 5 turnovers so the Jaguars lost. 

The days before, Kate and I had agreed to a Grog Bet. A grog is a military tradition. It started... well, you can get that history in the clip too. 

The result of this bet and the grog is grossness. I have a pretty solid anti-puke system. i worked in dog kennels for years where my first action of the day was spraying the shit of dozens of dogs every single morning. If you can smell dog shit when youre hungover or just every day, most things don't get ya. 

Kate switched the game up with hot coffee as the liquid got me. It just fucking got me.