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It's A Good Thing Mike Gundy Didn't Get The Tampa Bay Bucs Job Because College Football Is Better With Him At Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy is made for college football. I say it all the time with college sports, but we know as much about the coaches as anything else. We are with players for a limited time where programs are shaped by coaches. It's a sport dominated by coaches and Mike Gundy is one of those guys that is just made for it. I mean, shit, imagine doing this in the NFL: 


It doesn't hit the same if he's doing it in Tampa Bay. It's why I want guys like him in college football forever. Give me this sort of guy who will say absurd things and wear a mullet and always be in the orange and black. I don't know why but I always had a soft spot for Oklahoma State. Sick colors, good enough, fun ass program. Barry Sanders. That's mostly it I guess, but I also can't picture them with someone other than Gundy now. 

I do wonder what other college guys like Gundy start getting leaked to NFL jobs. Obviously Lincoln Riley is the one everyone has out there. But Gundy has done that fine line walking of being a household name and not always listed as an elite coach. Not saying he's there or not, just rarely listed when we start saying coaches in college. 

All that said, Mike Gundy in Tampa makes sense. Mike Gundy is destined to live there at some point.