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Shaq's Once Again Back With A Genius Idea - He Wants To Buy An NBA Team And 'Go Back Home' (Wink, Wink)

[Source] - “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say,” the eight-time All-NBA First Teamer said while raising his eyebrows when asked about his interest by CNN’s Becky Anderson on Sunday. “It’d probably be disrespectful to say it, but I would like to go back home. I’ll leave that to the viewers to figure out [what it means]. I would like to go back home.”

Home could be any number of places for O’Neal; he played at a high school in San Antonio, Texas, where the Spurs play; his college days were spent at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, neighbors to the Pelicans of New Orleans; his first professional contract was in Orlando, where the Magic play; and in Los Angeles, he won a famous three-peat with the Lakers alongside fellow NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

So Shaq has talked about it before but now he's doubling down. More importantly he's talking about going home, which again, could be anywhere. Dude has ties all over the country. But one sticks out. One specific one. I'm not talking about the Suns or the Magic. Oh no.

Shaq was born in Newark.

James Dolan needs to sell the Knicks.

Shaq is going to own the Knicks. That's right, I'm going to will it into existence. Everyone knows you immediately become a good franchise the moment a legend buys a team. Just look at the Hornets. I mean it makes too much sense. I know the Suns are going to be up for sale here. I know that everyone wants him to buy the Magic.

Come home. Come back to Newark, which is close enough to New York and not the Nets. We know Shaq a shit ton of money since he doesn't give any to his kids. Smart. That's how you buy a team. Plus it's cool as shit to own a team. That's on the shortlist of dream jobs. You get rich, you like sports, you become an owner. 


So new plan. We got Jalen. We extended RJ. We get rid of Dolan. Parade. Come on home, Shaq.