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The Raiders Fucked Around With A 17-0 Lead, Found Out Not Covering Travis Kelce In The Red Zone Leads To 4 TDs And LOSING

Jason Hanna. Getty Images.


I know the Chiefs have a disgustingly good offense, and that the Raiders can only do so much. If you told Las Vegas they'd hold Travis Kelce to only 3.6 yards per catch at Arrowhead Stadium, they'd leap for joy.

Only problem was, Kelce scored a touchdown on FOUR of his seven catches for a meager 25 yards. Talk about bang for your fantasy football buck. For fuck's sake. What a legend this guy is. A true all-time great tight end. 


First we had Kelce in a short-yardage situation making a sharp cut and streaking across the back line, which is almost impossible to defend:

Eh, here's the rest of 'em, brief breakdown to follow:


The last three of these are all bad looks for Las Vegas. I understand Kelce is uniquely skilled for the position he plays, yet missing three whole-ass tackles on him? HORRIBLE. It was a missed tackle fiasco all evening long for the Raiders and was a huge reason they couldn't come up with stops. They were in decent positions on some critical downs and simply couldn't get it done in space.

But yeah, these other couple Kelce trips to pay dirt? Gross negligence in pass coverage. You'd think after the first couple, maybe Vegas defensive coordinator Patrick Graham would triple team Kelce and make literally anyone else beat him. Nope. Mahomes kept finding ways to dish it to Kelce when it mattered most. Yikes. Derek Carr hit Davante Adams on two bomb TD throws and Josh Jacobs had a career rushing night. Raiders D couldn't hack it.

Kelce's performance — on his mother's birthday, no less! — is one of those historic anomalies that you're likely never to see again. Fitting for the football unicorn that he is.

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