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The NFL Needs To Change The Roughing The Passer Rule Or It Is Going To Ruin Football Forever

For all the big men out there, how is someone who is 350lbs supposed to stop all their weight while going full speed? The funny thing is though, Chris Jones actually did that! The NFL needs to stop this now because you know in a big game in the playoffs this is going to happen and ruin a big game that could decide the championship. It will be a huge moment with Josh Allen or Tom Brady involved and it will ruin everything.

Instead of just waiting until next year to change the rule why don't they review everything now and fix this? I get looking out for the quarterbacks but you can't just tell defensive players that you can hit him as hard as possible but make sure you don't land on him. How the fuck is someone going to do all of that thinking in the matter of seconds in the most physical sport of all time?

Rudy made a point today and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Do you think these big helmets are causing more injuries instead of preventing them? He just looked at me and said look at rugby, they seem to be doing fine and they wear no helmets. I had no rebuttal and it is something for the NFL to ponder.

Regardless, as a ref you should be able to use your fucking eyes as well as your brain and see that the ball was knocked out along with Jones actually trying to let up. Once the ball is out, every rule should go out the window. I am all for keeping these players safe but now it seems like this isn't even football anymore. This play changes the game and we will all complain about it all season and they won't do a goddamn thing about it. I won't lie it is kind of fun to complain about though and I am complaining about it more because I bet the Chiefs. You can also tell who bet the Raiders... 

And I respect it because I would do the same thing.