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VIDEO: Chris Jones Called For EGREGIOUS Roughing The Passer Penalty On Derek Carr As NFL Refs Continue To Show They Don't Know What They're Doing


The rough thing about this is, it was a third down, the Chiefs played the situation perfectly, and Chris Jones came away with the damn football. Instead of the turnover, it was deemed a greater priority to protect Raiders QB Derek Carr in a situation where he can't really be protected, and Las Vegas ended up taking on three cheap points right before halftime.

In case you forgot from little more than 24 hours ago, an even more decisive situation occurred in the Falcons-Bucs game Sunday when Grady Jarrett got flagged for, um, getting kicked by Tom Brady after sacking him?

I still think the Brady one is worse. It's not like Derek Carr is the legend TB12 is, though, so the fact that he got such superstar treatment in this instance...on the road...against a counterpart like Patrick Mahomes!? It's pretty nuts.

But you know what they say. Ball don't lie. The Chiefs got a break when the Raiders committed a horse-collar tackle on their final first-half possession. That led to a 59-yard field goal by Matthew Wright to cut Las Vegas' lead to 20-10 at the midway point.

Yes, you want to protect quarterbacks. The sport of football sucks when the quality of play from that position is incompetent. HOWEVER, there's a line and I think in Week 5, Year 2022, we have officially crossed it.

KenJac brought another woeful roughing the passer instance from Sunday, this from Infinitely More Likable Than Deshaun Watson Even After This Current Browns Quarterback Jacoby Brissett:

One of the gentlest, gentlemanliest, soft-spoken championship ball coaches of all-time, Tony Dungy, is out here firing shots!! Come on now!


If that testimony is not an effective catalyst to chill with the overabundance of caution on this front, I don't know what will ever be.

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