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Sean Payton Needed To Call Bill Parcells To Help His Son's 6th Grade Football Team Beat Their Rivals And They Still Lost Anyway

You can see it in Sean Payton's eyes that he was sad to even report this. If your son needs you to coach his team, I think you have to set him straight and say no. If you go from the highest level coaching in the NFL then have to go coach these little bastards, there is no coming back. That is the Super Bowl for every single dad on the other side of that field and a story to tell every parent he comes in contact with for his entire life. You know for a fact he went to work the next day telling everyone a he should be. 

Payton calling Jon Gruden was his first mistake because he can't coach for shit. But to call Bill Parcels and still lose means those 6th graders that won should be getting an NIL deal in no time. 

I actually think this would make for a great show, putting the best coaches of all time coaching against other random dads and kids in middle school. I think these coaches would get absolutely smoked and it would be unreal to see these everyday suburban dads shit on them. 

I think coaching has been awful in the NFL the past couple of years. A lot of organizations are going younger but that doesn't mean that they just get better. When the Rams hire McVay and Cardinals hired Kingsbury, everyone wanted to do the same thing. I think a younger coach resonates better with these players. I have always said it in college sports especially because the 18 year olds don't give a shit about coaches legacies or anything of that nature. That's why I think you see coaches like Bellechick not being able to put anything together as of late while college coaches like Tom Izzo or Jim Boeheim can't seem to break through to these kids because they are old as fuck. 

I think these coaches hold on for way too long just like Greg Popovich and it almost ruins their legacy. I don't know how I went off on that tangent but Sean Payton should never go back to coaching again after losing in his son's 6th grade league. 

Editor's Note: I don't have the heart to tell Mary that Payton coached for almost a decade after that game and made the playoffs 5 of 9 years. But I guess he never won a Super Bowl, so I guess that's a point for Mush?