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Holy Shit I Didn’t Realize How Much Yankees Fans Hated Aaron Boone


Holy shit, I thought the Yankees fans loved Aaron Boone. My memory isn't the greatest but didn't this guy hit a walk-off home run against the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS to send them to the World Series? If you did that in Cleveland against our arch rival there would be a statue in front of the stadium before the sun came up the next day, but I guess that isn't enough for Yankees fans. This team won 27 titles in the 1800s and it's championship or bust for them. But they did win 99 games this year, so I figured they probably had some high level of intelligence sitting over there on the sunflower seed bucket, but apparently they've got a manager with shit for brains. Source: Yankees fans.

I'm not sure what I like heading into this series more: the fact that we have the better manager by apparently a million brain cells or that the Yankees fans hate theirs. One sign of adversity and this team is going to crumble. I wouldn't be surprised if they go down a run tonight and the fans start booing. I thought we were running into a tight-knit group but apparently these guys all hate each other. I'm honestly not convinced that if the Yankees lose tonight that Boone will still be the manager for Game 2 with the way these guys talk about him. 

Me personally, I could not be happier with our manager. I think he's the best in baseball, and win or lose, that won't change. I don't know, I guess it's just a difference in philosophy between New Yorkers and Clevelanders. We understand that it's hard to row a boat when everyone is paddling in different directions.