A Teacher Got Fired For Her Only Fans Where She "Rates Dicks", So I Had Her Give Me A Report Card

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Last week there was some good old fashioned hoopla around my dick in the Barstool office. I found out through a woman I know that she decided to use a very short video of a rendezvous we had as a teaser on her Only Fans. I wasn't really that mad and if she makes some money for herself, so be it. I posted that it had happened and it ran wild. Dave found out and even put Detective Balls on the hunt. 

The video doesn't show my face or anything and it was really just all in good fun. 


But then I found an interesting story of a former teacher from Indiana who was fired from her job for starting a racy Only Fans, Jerry Thornton blogged about it here :

She's back in the news as I saw a story about her and heard her on a podcast recently talking how much money she's making and that she's reviewing dicks like a college professor would grade a lit paper.  She also continues to let us know "she was unfairly fired." 

But here it's about the cock, so I figured, let's get a report card. After all, one woman thought I was worthy enough for talent. I'm not considering a career in porn or anything. However I wanted to see what a pro thinks.

Like I said, there's one thing that is true about this "Starlet of South Bend". She has taken off with her idea called the Dick Rating Report Card. This is a very real system and from what I read, she takes it pretty seriously. She made it clear to me that she was very penis particular and grades with a fine tooth comb. 

I was moved by her story of her way of life now and subsequent new job, so I supported her for the intention of "journalism". This is research after all! Again, this is journalism, so I contributed. 

She literally sends you a personal "report card"  and basically your dick with five key sections below, each section gets a letter grade and then a "FINAL GRADE"






Here were my results:


She then gives you detailed individual comments as well as "If you should stay after class" or not. I will admit the experience was like a good dental report. If you brush your teeth and floss, you know the experience will be generally be pleasant and reassuring. Ms. Juree was detailed, informing and reassuring. A very pleasant experience on Only Fans. If you want to be rated I'd highly recommend. Let's just hope your dick is as pretty as mine. 

I know some of you will be jealous here and make something up like "she probably gives everyone an A"! She seems to take her job seriously! There will be no easy passing grades in her class. 

I have to admit, while many women have told me that they were impressed, as well as getting great remarks on the Joey Camasta Earlobe test

I felt like this was a great confirmation. The highest honor. It was my moment of clarity. There's a reason certain women have considered me as talent. Every man wants to think they have an A rated cock, but in the end there's only a few of us who have the grades to be top of the class.