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Welcome Aboard The Guardians Train To Carl And Frank The Tank, There Are Plenty Of More Seats To Battle The Yankees

So Carl has been a Guardians fan for 4 days now and I will say I like having him on our side. Hard worker. Knowledgeable. Gritty. Fits right in with the rest of us, with the added bonus that he has 140,000 followers and hosts Starting 9. He has the abundance of resources to let the world know about this Guardians team that has wrongfully been overlooked since Opening Day, and he has used his power accordingly.

Beautifully edited, Brother Carl (both in the Guardians Family and in ATO kinship). And your recap of the 15 inning domination of the Rays was eloquently written as well. 

A combination of Peter Gammons and Buster Olney in their primes.

Anyways, it's been nice having someone else in the barracks, getting ready to go to battle against the Evil Empire starting tomorrow night. Cleveland + Carl vs the Yankees. But after perusing the internet during my study hall duties this afternoon (7th blog of the day, no big deal), it appears we have one other late addition to the roster: Frank the Tank.

Now THIS is the mojo we need heading into war. Frank the Tank, who is most known for being right, has joined the boys in the fox hole as well. I was nervous about this, wondering which way New Yorkers would land after their Mets fell. But it appears that the city of New York has NOT united after all, and we have infiltrated The Big Apple with insiders of our own. 

I could not be more confident with the team we have heading into this series. Jose Ramirez, Tito Francona, Steven Kwan, Shane Bieber, Tristan McKenzie, Emmanuel Clase, Barstool Carl, and Frank the Tank. What a team. And I'll say this: there's more seats on this train available. We'll squeeze in. Mets fans, Red Sox fans, and those that hate the Yankees. Any and all are welcome.