Five Reasons A Son Should Go To Walmart With His Mother

This video made it's way back around the internet this weekend. Jersey Jerry as only he can gets in a screaming match with his mom about Walmart. All time clip. Jerry asks "Why would I want to go to Walmart ?" Which got me thinking... What are some reasons a son would go to Walmart with their mother? 

Here are 5 reason I thought of: 

1- Walmart sells One Bite Pizza 


Hey listen, sometimes you and your mom may be craving a delicious frozen pizza and you don't want to get the dishes dirty, or put out all that effort in cooking etc. Maybe you want to stay in and share a nice dinner and have some laughs. What better way than with a One Bite Frozen Pizza? 

2- There's Nothing Good On TV 

Don't get me wrong, when sports are on you can't drag me out of the house. I get that. Jerry is the same way as seen in the video. If the game's on, we ain't moving. 

But if there's nothing on TV and Mom calls you up to ask if you want to go to Walmart (or in your younger days when you lived together and she comes to your room so say "Hey let's head to the store") I could get behind that. Why not go for a quick stroll around the store with the woman that gave you life, maybe pick up some toothpaste on sale, and have a few laughs in the aisles. Not like you are missing a nail-biter of a game or a new episode of your favorite show. Take the trip with mom and come watch the game later on. 

3- The Air Conditioning Is Elite 

Giphy Images.

If you haven't taken notice that big stores like Walmart have elite air conditioning  than you are on Mars. If it's hot out, and maybe your home AC isn't doing the job, take that ride to Walmart with Mom and enjoy the breeze.  

4- You Want To See a Good Fight 


Hey let's face it Walmart has some good brawls. Nothing wrong with people watching with your mom and seeing a few haymakers being thrown. 

Reminder: Rough N Rowdy will be in Providence, RI 12/9 if you do want to watch a night full of haymakers. 

5- Because You Love Her 

Sometimes this trumps everything. Your mom can drive you crazy at times, and I'm sure we all drive them crazy over the year. But above all else, she's your mom and she always wants to spend time with you. She doesn't just think, "I need to get _ at Walmart", she thinks "I need to get _ at Walmart, let me call my son to see if he needs anything or if he wants to come." She does that because she loves you and knows it will be a better trip with you than without you.