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RIP The 2022 New York Mets

Since a bunch of people at Barstool and the internet have spent the last 18 hours using Mets fans tears as lube to jerk off, I figured I would include today's We Gotta Believe burying the 2022 Amazins to help the haters finish the job. It may now be a hot take to call a 101 win team that went toe to toe with every contender outside of the Astros a "good team". But the Mets were that, at least until their starters and hitting simply refused to show up the last two weekends of the season in Must Win games (outside of Jacob deGrom once again battling his dick off in an elimination game).

Nonetheless us Mets fans are burying our beautiful baby way earlier than we ever dreamed of and eating all the shit that comes with being the fan of a team that everybody laughs at while also getting offended every time the fans show the slightest bit of happiness. All I can say to those Mets fans is cope how you have coped with every other time this team has let you down, wish for nothing but pain on your rivals, and remember the people that bathe in your misery because if there is a God (which is honestly 50/50 at best in my mind after the last 10 days) we will be able to throw it back 100 fold when the Mets finally win a World Series.

Even if it doesn't happen at least all the New York football teams look good not to mention the chance of nuclear war seemingly increases by the day, so none of this shit actually matters. 

Okay that got dark. Let's bring back the big dogs for some of Uncle Stevie's unlimited riches, fix the flaws of this lineup, and most importantly fucking believe that one day we will be throwing cake and punch down our throats in the Canyon of Heroes during a Mets World Series parade.

Gotta believe.