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Georgia Inmate Pulls Off One Of The Biggest "PRISON HEISTS" EVER From Inside His Cell

This is one of the wildest stories in a long time. Basically this guy STOLE 11 MILLION BUCKS with a phone smuggled into the jail he was in while serving 14 years as he pretended to be different billionaires. 

He impersonated the billionaire on the phone to a customer service representative in order to open a checking account.

With access to Kimmel's driving license, a utility bill and the help of a co-conspirator outside of prison, he was able to complete the verification process

He didn't just try and take a few thousand and move on, he took it all in one shot!

Soon after he purchased 6,106 American Gold Eagle one-ounce coins for $10,998,859.92 from Money Metals Exchange, LLC.

He then with the same phone hired a security team to transport all the coins VIA A PRIVATE PLANE to a co-conspirator. 

Per the FBI memo: 

In July 2020, Cofield contacted the landowner of a six-bedroom residence located near West Paces Ferry, in Atlanta, Georgia, and offered to buy the property for $4.4 million. The landowner eventually received approximately $720,000 in cash as down payment from Eldridge Bennett and a woman Cofield described as his wife, Eliayah Bennett. At the closing on September 1, 2020, Eldridge Bennet conveyed the remaining $3.7 million in cash to the landowner. 

There's a lot to unpack here. He will do one thing… likely do something no one else will ever do, manage to steal millions from inside a cell. It has to be the largest "heist" ever done from inside a cell. 

The problem with prison for most inmates is the boredom. This guy had no job inside, no purpose, so he created one himself. The ingenuity is fascinating by him picking out billionaires who I guess he thought "wouldn't miss the money"?


What makes it crazier is he did in a MAX, after he was moved there for ordering a hit while in another prison. He was sent there to SPECIFCALLY prevent things like this. This illustrates clear problems with overseeing these individuals. The thing I think about is if this cat just used some of the perceived smarts he may actually have for good, what could he of been?

Either way I guess he won't get to throw a big bash in this new pad once he gets out. This guy goes from doing some armed robberies to likely never getting out. But again, the ingenuity is fascinating. Enjoy federal prison Art!

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