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Antonio Brown Doubles Down on Mocking Tom Brady's Marital Problems, Proving Once Again He's the Worst Frenemy a Guy Could Have

Brian Westerholt. Shutterstock Images.

If we've learned anything about Antonio Brown over the last calendar year, it's that:

1. He's got impressive manhood.

2. He's not shy about showing it. 

3. He's a first team All Pro scumbag when it comes to betraying someone who gave him everything, saved his career, made him a champion, and even let him into his family home on two occasions, trusting him to live under his roof with his wife and family, despite all the red flags, alarm signals and common sense warning what a bad idea that is. 

In short, Brown has a dick. And he is a dick. Which everyone outside of Tom Brady knew to a moral certainty. But taken in by his own drive to succeed and his "The Four Agreements"-inspired faith in his fellow man, Brady took him into his confidence. He was reading books on Toltec wisdom and positivity, when he should've been reading Machiavelli. 

And while trusting Brown may (or may not) have won him that seventh ring in Tampa Bay, it cost him at least part of his soul. Because this is how that trust has been rewarded while Brady's personal life has reportedly been coming apart at the seams:

And just in case there was any doubt remaining in anyone's mind that Brown isn't a degenerate lowlife with no sense of loyalty or gratitude, he decided to reaffirm what a tremendously gawdawful excuse for a human being with this little chestnut:

The man who brought Brown's career back from the dead when it was flat-lining and even his own head coach was putting a DO NOT RESUSCITATE bracelet on AB's wrist, is a big, fat joke to him now. With three crying laughing emojis.

He's moving out of his house! Eye black and all! Why? Because his wife wants a divorce! 

Giphy Images.

And guess who's upset? The little daughter! The same one Brown presumably used to talk to when he was a guest in her home! 

Giphy Images.

And look who's sitting in the window! Why it's Antonio! Get it? Daddy's leaving … new Daddy is staying!!!

That's the thanks you get when you try to befriend this self-possessed, solipsistic manchild in his hour of need. He treats your hour of need like a punchline. And it seems everyone in North America could've seen this coming. Except for the man with the broken heart and the knife with Antonio Brown's fingerprints on the handle sticking out of his back. 

I don't know if "The Four Agreements" helped Brady in this situation. But the agreement he made with Brown was a deal with the devil. And while he got a ring out of it, at the end, this contract with Satan ended up the way they always do. Sad. Very sad.