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Gritty Finally Got The Ass Kicking That Scumbag Deserved

I've said it before and I'll say it again--there's no bigger piece of shit in hockey than Gritty. This orange bastard is quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the Philadelphia Flyers. 

Gritty has been around for 4 seasons so far, about to enter his 5th. In those 4 seasons, the Flyers have made the playoffs once, and that was in the 2020 bubble. The didn't qualify in 3 out of those 4 years, and last year could have been the most demoralizing season of them all. In the time that Gritty has been here, the Flyers have gone through 2 GM's, 3 coaches, and traded away the organization's longest-tenured captain. The Gritty era in Philadelphia has been a complete and total embarrassment. 

So you'd think at some point management would read the room a bit and quit trying to shove this prick down our throats. You'd think maybe they'd realize the team is a joke and to slow Gritty's role until they can get the wheels back on the wagon. But instead, it's all Comcast cares about. They don't give a shit about the Flyers, they just want you to buy a Gritty plush toy so their bottom line doesn't get completely fucked by this horrific Flyers team. Gritty this, Gritty that. The goddamn mascot is the only thing people think about when you bring up the Flyers these days. It's a disgrace. 

So to see the Miz finally give that asshole the beatdown he's deserved for years? God that was satisfying to watch. And talk about a baby back bitch, eh? Poor wittle Gritty needed the help of that Proud Boy looking head ass to come in and fight his battles for him. Take your ass beating like a man, coward. Little different when it's someone your own size, I guess. 

Absolute pigeon.