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Justin Tucker Is The Best Pound For Pound Player In The NFL

Justin Tucker is unbelievable. 61 CONSECUTIVE MADE FIELD GOALS IN THE FOURTH QUARTER/OT. That sounds like a reverse Frank the Tank stat it’s so insane. Now before the people get nuts I am by no means saying Justin Tucker is the overall best player in football or that I would pick him first or anything even close to that. If I was started a franchise there is a shit ton of players I would choose before Justin Tucker. My argument for Justin Tucker here is that compared to their positional competitors I don’t know if there is any player in the NFL that dominates their position the way Justin Tucker does. Who is even close to him at the kicker position in NFL right now? Who’s really been close ever? Sure, Adam Vinatieri has the best resume when it comes to making big kicks/Super Bowl kicks but that’s completely opportunity based. His pure skill set doesn’t come close to Justin Tuckers. He’s the most accurate and has the most range. Making 91.28% of his kicks, he’s the most accurate kicker in NFL history while simultaneously holding the record for longest field goal made in NFL history. Here it is from last season (that was also the game winner).

66 yards with the game on the line??? Just absolutely preposterous. Imagine how it must feel for your offense/football team knowing if you can get past midfield on your final possession within 3 it’s game over? The team was celebrating last night before JT even kicked the FG. He’s that automatic. Look at these insane numbers on lead changing kicks in his career. The next best even even close. I don‘t think anyone has ever been better at their job than Justin Tucker is at his in the history of mankind.

I rest my case. Justin Tucker is as good as it gets. To answer the age old question of, “If you had a super bowl caliber roster that was a kicker away from being there, would you trade a first round pick for Justin Tucker?” Absofuckinglutely.