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Lets Not Forget Jimmy Garoppolo Was A Back Up This Year And Is The Most Disrespected QB Of All Time

This man has been disrespected more than anyone in the NFL for no reason. A quarterback that led his team to within minutes of winning the Super Bowl once upon a time and had them a game away from it just last year. Everyone says the 49ers have a Super Bowl roster but part of that is having a Super Bowl quarterback. He doesn't turn the ball over and does exactly what you want from your quarterback, but it wasn't enough for the 49ers. These bastards wanted to trade him in the worst way and then started a guy who hasn't played football in 2 years over him. Jimmy G should just say fuck you to the 49ers and go play for the Cowboys because he is the perfect QB for that system. 

The stat above is nothing to sneeze at. When Patrick Mahomes is the only better quarterback in a conversation, you are a good quarterback. That simiple. This man almost threw for 4,000 yards last year with 20 touchdowns despite being injured but in the eyes of fans and his own front office, he is dog shit and the reason the Niners ever struggled.


There are so many bad Qbs in the league but for some reason Carson Wentz is looked at as a better QB then Jimmy or even a person like Matt Ryan late in his career. Most teams would die for their starter to have a QBR like Jimmy but instead they label him as the problem and try to figure out who can replace him.

Name another Quarterback that would get humiliated by his team, try to trade him and then sign him back to the team for a bullshit contract? You can't. Oh and then have to come in to play because of an injury and play great for them. Jimmy didn't say a word to the media and just went about his business like he always has. Most people would talk shit or feel sorry for themselves. But Jimmy has just got it done and keeps winning for this team. Stop Disrespecting Jimmy G.