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The Alabama DB Who Broke Up The Final Play To Beat Texas A&M Read Jimbo Fisher's Lips To Know Where The Aggies Were Throwing

AL.com — This was one of those backyard football moments. One snap … the last play before going in for dinner.

Winner takes all.

No do overs.

That’s where Terrion Arnold found himself at exactly 10:30 Saturday night, up 24-20, three seconds on the clock with Texas A&M at the 2-yard line. The Alabama cornerback sensed the stakes.

And he knew it was coming his way.

Looking to the Aggie sideline, Arnold later said he locked in on A&M coach Jimbo Fisher.

“He’s going ‘Evan, Evan, Evan,’” Arnold recalled.

Of course, Evan Stewart was his assignment in the pass/fail moment at the center of the college football universe.

If it was even possible for Texas A&M fans to be more upset at Jimbo Fisher for the final play against Alabama beyond just the play call itself, Alabama defensive back Terrion Arnold's comments may have done it.

Now I'm not a college football coach, but I'm struggling to come up with a good reason Fisher would need to be saying the name of the receiver his quarterback is planning to throw to with the game on the line, especially when the opponent defending said receiver can clearly see and/or hear him. It seems like everything that needed to be said should have been said in the huddle during the timeout just seconds before this.

It didn't really matter if Arnold was a lip reader or not anyway, though, because Nick Saban laid out how Alabama knew exactly what A&M was going to run and how the Tide had it defended perfectly.


Simply an all-around disaster of a final play from start to finish for the Aggies. Let's just hope Roger in Texas isn't still looking into hitmen in the College Station area.