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Cooper Rush Would Be A Terrible Teammate If He Doesn't Give His Spot Back To Dak This Week

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Things are going great in Philadelphia right now. It's hard to complain. The Eagles are 5-0 and the only undefeated team left in the NFL. The Phillies won their first playoff series since 2010. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Sixers. And if we all just collectively agree that the Flyers don't exist, then they can't hurt us. 

So I don't want to start this Dallas week off with any negative energy, but….

Well Philly fans know more than anybody what can happen when your team goes on a magical run with a backup quarterback. For some reason things just start to click with QB2 and the results speak for themselves. Am I afraid of Cooper Rush? Absolutely not. But the Cowboys are 4-0 with him starting so despite the fact that he still looked like dog shit yesterday, something there is working. 

Which is why nothing would be better than for a less than 100% Dak Prescott to come back this week for Sunday Night Football and throw off all that juju. Not only would it throw off all that momentum the Cowboys have been riding with Cooper Rush, but that would be the start of one of the most toxic QB controversies the league has ever seen if Dak comes in and looks like shit. We're talking about a QB controversy so toxic that it could tear the whole damn organization apart. 

Again, Cooper Rush as a quarterback doesn't worry me at all. He stinks. Pretty dang awful, actually. He completed 10 passes yesterday. TEN. But the Cowboys are still 4-0 with him starting this season. Mainly because they let Cooper Rush do what Cooper Rush does best and hand the ball off. 

Put Dak in there with a mangled hand that still isn't fully healed and there's another pick for CeeDee Gardner-Johnson at some point in the game. There's another pick out there waiting for Slay. There's a dangerously catastrophic QB controversy on the horizon, and all that needs to happen now is for Cooper Rush to give up the ball. 

Or the Eagles can just beat the balls off of Cooper Rush and embarrass him on Sunday Night Football. Either way's fine. Go Birds.