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Anyone Not Putting Ohio State #1 In The AP Poll Should Lose Their Right To Vote

We finally passed Alabama but my God, how poorly does Georgia need to play and how great does Ohio State have to look before these voters finally make this right? We have a better ranked offense, better ranked defense, tougher schedule, and objectively better results.

I'll say this: anyone who is not putting Ohio State at #1 on their AP ballot right now should lose the right to vote. And I'm not just talking about their vote in the college football rankings, I'm talking about in general. Whether it be for where the family goes to dinner, who won the office Halloween costume contest, or in the next Presidential election: these people should have their ability to vote taken away. They are clearly MORONS.

Ohio State has not played within single digits of any team this year, and aside from them beating #5 Notre Dame by two scores in Week 1, you can change that stat to not having played within 29 points of anyone all year. And that 49-20 nail biter came this past weekend in East Lansing, where CJ Stroud threw 6 touchdowns and the defense held Michigan State to 7 rushing yards. AND the Spartans scored at the end of the game on our backups to make it look closer than it really was. 

Ohio State has beaten the breaks off of Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Michigan State. Say what you want about those teams being down, but they are down with historical success just like the teams Georgia is beating. Except Georgia isn't just beating Auburn and South Carolina. Georgia is struggling with 2-4 Kent State, who just lost to Miami of Ohio this weekend, and barely escaping 2-4 Missouri. 

Let me say this: if Ohio State barely beat two teams that were sitting at 2-4, instead of hanging 50+ points on them like we've been doing, they would be dropping in the polls each week, probably sitting at #6, listening to the biased analysts over at the SEC Network ESPN questioning their ability to beat below average teams. Why is Georgia getting a pass? I would vote them #5.

The fact of the matter is that CJ Stroud has already locked up the Heisman, and the only question I have now is will Marvin Harrison Jr. come in 2nd. There is no doubt in my mind that the Playoff Committee will have us at #1 when those rankings start because they actually have some resemblance of brains over there, but it would be nice to see the crooked voters of the AP pay some respect to greatness. I think this Ohio State team should be in the talks of greatest team of all time, yet they're #2 in the AP Poll....?