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Wake Up With One Of The Starting 9 Guys Taking Madison Bumgarner Deep In The 2016 NLDS

I've been trying to explain to people but we're basically the only MLB podcast that's won the playoff tournament. I technically wasn't on that team (or any team for that matter) but transitive property is a beautiful thing. 

Anyways it's the 6 year anniversary of this homerun. I've probably asked Snake to tell this story about 1,000 times so stop me if you've heard this one before. But turns out he's just trying to put a charge into something. Be an athlete and make a good swing. Keep it simple. And then next thing you know Brandon Hyde is going nuts and telling you to touch first base. That was awesome. 

On that note, Joe Maddon joins us tomorrow on Starting 9 to talk about life and those 2016 teams amongst a bunch of other stuff. 

Great October interview as we get into the meat of the playoff schedule. Subscribe here.

I'll be back later today with some more on the matchups. And if I get enough time I'll even make you guys some Tik Toks but only if you're super cool about it. 

Also while I'm here - some musings 

- I think you're getting stupider and I mean that as the collective reader on the internet generally. People used to be smarter. 

- I wrote a Live Blog yesterday and two people commented "THERES NO LIVE UPDATES" and that was a special moment for me. I remember the first time I got mad about a Live Blog. 

- The Guardians are going to beat the Yankees in 6 games but could be 5

- Rumor mill swirling says Willson Contreras is long gone from the Chicago Cubs

- But it's Bob Nightengale. Take everything he says with a rock query worth of salt. 

- This is a real picture of Trent Grisham

- Buck Showalter should be embarrassed for coming at Joe Musgrove. That was absolute fuckin BUSH LEAGUE

- Buck has only won one playoff series in his career. How long does Uncle Steve let you win 100+ without a playoff series win? 

- We'll talk about it here: