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There's No One Better Than The Bills Social Media When It Comes To Mocking Opponents After A Win

This is what you should do after you beat the everliving shit out of the Steelers. We make fun of the 'final' score tweet all the time. In fact it gets to the point where Big Cat is willing to yell at people until they tweet it. What we often forget about is the ability to make fun of people after a win. The Bills have done that perfectly. 

I mean Mr. Rogers? Genius. I'm not even a fan of the 'L' anymore. It jumped the shark FAST, but this is a great tweet. This is what we need more of in the NFL. Goodell gonna be a dick and not let you celebrate on the field after touchdowns, take it to Twitter. Shit talking is what makes sports and the social media guy/gal has every right to. This is their time to shine. 

Shit, last week they might have had the best one yet. Using That's So Raven after the comeback against the Ravens? 


Yesterday was a thorough ass kicking though. Again, that's what a good team should do. The Steelers fucking stink, so go beat them by 100. Let Josh Allen get right by throwing for 350 in the first half. Let the defense get some momentum. Start testing out shit because you have that massive lead. Then mock them after.