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The Mariners Advanced To The ALDS All Because A Fan Put A Shoe On His Head In The 8th Inning Of Their Historic Comeback

It's only crazy if it doesn't work....and this worked! We saw a lot of wild stuff happen in the classic on Saturday between the Mariners and Blue Jays, but the craziest was a Mariners fan Ben with his rally shoe. While the Mariners were down 9-5 in the 8th he decided to throw his shoe on his head while in Seattle at the Mariners watch party. Just a little rally cap situation going on, nothing too big. Then the comeback started to mount. Next thing you know the entire section around his has their shoes on their heads and the game is tied. Shoes on domes as far as the eye could see and the Mariners were on fire. 

Hell, even the ballpark's Twitter was telling people to do it....and people listened. THOUSANDS of people with shoes on their head were going nuts as the Mariners went ahead in the top of the 9th and closed out the series with an insane comeback down 8-1. All thanks to Ben and his shoe. That shoe is already headed to the Mariners Hall Of Fame and something tells me you'll see Ben at their series vs the Astros this week. 

And here he is in all his glory after the comeback win, shoe and all. It's incredible how much he looks like d00gs too. Like he said, it started out as a joke and the hits kept calling, all the credit in the world to Ben. He WILLED this team to a win. This is the new Rally Monkey. Would I put a shoe on my head after I've been walking around a dirty ballpark all day? Probably not. But playoff baseball makes you do some crazy things. Now he's invented a new trend and has to get credit for the win in Toronto. Ben is a new Mariners LEGEND. Long live the rally shoe.