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Washington’s Brian Robinson Coming Out Of The Tunnel With “Many Men” By 50 Cent Blasting, After Being Shot A Few Weeks Ago, Is One Of The Hardest Things These Eyes Have Seen. BONUS- Top 5 Entrances Ever

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This is the difference between being an all world athlete who can compete at the highest level in the NFL and being one of the 99%ers right there.

We get shot, we’re probably dying. Just once, never mind multiple times. Say we survive though, I’m heading into hiding or witness protection somewhere in Idaho or Arkansas where the only reason you’d ever get shot is if you steal somebody’s cattle.

A warrior like Brian Robinson though? He shrugs the shooting off. Rehabs. And hits the field as quickly as humanly possible, as soon as the doctors clear him to.

Oh, and he doesn’t just nonchalantly make his return. He flexes on ‘em by coming out of the tunnel at FedEx Field to the song famous for being about getting shot, surviving, and telling the shooters they’re bitches and to fuck themselves- 

  Bonus -

Best entrances ever in no particular order -

Mike Tyson’s return fight coming out to the DMX “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot Intro”

Honorable Tyson mention - entrance vs Spinks in 1988

The Dead Man at Wrestlemania 27

Prince Naseem Halloween 1998

(This guy was before his time. If he was around in todays social media age he’d be fucking legendary)

Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl 36-

The showboating Rams came out individually, announced name by name, New England opted to be announced as a team, came storming onto the field in unison, and proceeded to shove it up the Rams’ ass, launching a 20 year long takeover/dynasty never witnessed before and never to be seen again.

Michael Jordan Returns To The NBA and Chicago - 1995


(Should have listed more than 5, feel like I could do too 20. This will make a great separate blog. Let me know what I left out)