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Okay But Seriously, What In The Frick Was Kyler Murray Thinking?

Obviously the answer here is he thought he had a first. And obviously at first glance, maybe it looked like he probably had said first.  But here's a little known fact about football--it's a game of inches. And the fact that Kyler Murray didn't make sure this spot wouldn't have come down to those inches is BAFFLING.

A starting quarterback in the National Football League knew he had to get to the 24-yard-line, started to slide at the 26, and then proceeded to spike the ball without noticing they didn't give him the 1st to make it 4th and 1? Forcing the Cardinals to put the game on the boot of some random ass dude they just pulled off the street to kick this morning? That's a 9.5 on the Certified Yikes scale. Seems to me like that's a guy who might just spend a little too much time playing CoD than building up his situational awareness. You can just sense the massive amount of "how the fuck did I end up in this mess" behind Kliff Kingsbury's eyes here. 

Oh well. Better luck next time. 

It doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter why. All that matters is that the Philadelphia Eagles men's professional football team is 5-0 and the best team in football. I can't wait for Dicker the Kicker to get his Super Bowl ring. 

Go Birds.