Ravens Bengals SNF "Revenge SZN Starts Now" Live Blog

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

Y'all remember live blogs? What a time to be alive. Back in the day here at Barstool SPORTS dot com, each respective blogger would throw up a "live blog" about a half hour before game time. The implication would be that the blog would be updated live throughout the game as interesting happenings happened. Those updates were few and far between. The commenters never noticed (they always noticed).

They'd always start with a little blurb to get the boys and girls out there fired up for the game. Here is that blurb:

REVENGE SZN BABY. Last year the Bengals came to our barn in October and ran away with one in the 2nd half. There were defensive mistakes galore, and Jamarr Chase had himself a day. At the time the Ravens were battered with injuries but not quite down and out. Everyone vowed that they would get their revenge in Cincinnati later in the season.

That didn't happen. By the time that game came around, Lamar Jackson (along with Marlon Humphrey and others) were lost for the season. To make matters worse, Tyler Huntley got COVID that week, likely from playing video games with Marquise Brown (wait, was that info not public? WHOOPS). That left us with Josh Johnson at QB, who had only been on the roster for 10 days. 

Needless to say we got smoked. And the Bengals showed no mercy. Ran up the score and everything, which was their right. But they also hooted and hollered as if they had waxed something other than a small town JV high school team.

That's put the Bengals at the top of the revenge list. The Ravens were a shell of themselves for virtually the entire season last year and nearly got in the dance. They're a different team now. Ronnie Stanley is back and Lamar is playing at an MVP level again. Humph and Marcus Peters are back to deal with one of the toughest WR groups in football. They'll be ready.

And the boys are rocking all black tonight. Clear eyes, all black, can't lose. That's the motto at the Bank.

Ravens roll tonight and they go on an absolute heater, just like 2019. Calling my shot now.

Ravens 34, Bengals 20

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go watch some football and definitely not update this blog because new blogs = pageviews and I've got a Top 20 spot on the year-to-date leaderboard to maintain (while doing taxes full-time, nbd) (hire me full-time)