An LSU Fan Thinks Tennessee Used An Electro Beam To Mess With Their Kick Returner

Let's entertain this for a second...Has Tenessee been using an Electriopysio-Magnetic pulse to scramble opposing players' brains in order to gain critical turnovers? Let's check this tape because we definitely can see their sideline and if someone was shooting some sort of waves.


Tennessee's Min H Kao department of electrical engineering could be instrumental in whatever type of Electrophysio Ray's getting shot at Bech. I mean, there would have to be some sort of evidence of the Tennessee being on the cutting edge of weapons research, probably for the government.


I am just connecting the dots, but if Tennessee was using electron rays of some sort to manipulate opposing players, would there be any rules against this? I mean, yelling at opposing players is sound waves. So what's the verdict on electrowaves? College football is super competitive, and with the amount of money in it, I wouldn't doubt coaches from trying to buy the same types of weapons several U.S government officials think China and Russia are shooting at us. 


What if there is a hypothetical "Knoxville" Syndrome that Tennessee opponents have been experiencing? Totally hypothetical and a joke. But thank you for entertaining a complex conspiracy that the Department of Defense is using UT to develop a weapon to use on America's enemies and are testing it out on opposing football players. 

There is no such thing as an electrophysio-magnetic pulse in the first place, but its great to see how far LSU fans will go to justify their loss. Hopefully, they start following the money and realize that Tennessee is actually being funded by hostile foreign governments who let them use the Havana Syndrome weapons and not actually the Department of defense. Volunteers sound a lot like Comrades, and I can guarantee many SEC fans have accused Tennessee of being filled with Communists at one point or another.