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Brandon Staley Should Be Buried Under The Jail

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

ICYMI, the Chargers were up 30-28 on the browns with 1:11 to play. They get to 4th and 2 and instead of punting like every other coach in the NFL would, Brandon Staley went for it and lost. Luckily, Cade York missed a 52-yarder and the Chargers won. 

I have been a Brandon Staley guy since the word go. Anthony Lynn played like a coward and Staley was aggressive, always playing to win and always putting the ball in Herbert's hands. However, I just can't get behind that call. Even if the data is with it. 

His thought process was obviously a combination of the data and the fact that the Chargers defense STINKS and he would rather depend on the offense. But there is just no way you can make that call. Fucking insane move. Keenan Allen summed it up well.


Honestly, what might be more depressing than Staley's fall from grace is the fact that J.C. Jackson is HORRIBLE. The Chargers paid him like 5 billion dollars just to get picked on by JACOBY BRISSETT. Absolute fucking joke.