Kirk Cousins Blows: Bears vs. Vikings (LIVE BLOG)

I'm not trying to overcomplicate things here but Kirk Cousins sucks. Maybe not the way some of my quarterbacks have sucked over the last 3 decades but he still blows and I want to focus on that going into today's game. 

Key to today's game is letting Kirk Cousins lose it at some point. Be patient enough and he will absolutely give you the opportunity. 

Some other game notes: 

- Khalil Herbert's expected fantasy points got cut in half so expect a healthy game from Monty. The more guys carrying the football the better. Time of Possession. Tick tick tick. That's the recipe on the road. 

- Justin Jefferson could go for like 300 yards today and 4 touchdowns based on the matchup. Kinda scary

- Unfortunately he's got Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball so throw the projections out the window 

- Eberflus should feel at home in Minnesota. Those are his people. Blank smiles and natural friendliness and overall midwestern lvoe and charm. That's what I think when I look at this face

NFL Photos. Getty Images.

- That's a guy that seamlessly fits in with the Northwoods crowd. 

- A win today means 3-2 and a 3-way tie at the top of the NFC North since the Packers just lost to the Giants 

- What if the Giants were really good and the Bears actually played them tough last week? I'm not afraid to overreact 

- I miss Susanna's big ones