Chick-fil-A's Drive Thru Was Just Rated The Slowest Of All Major Fast Foods

Tom Pennington. Getty Images.

New York Post - 

According to new data from a 2022 drive-thru report that outlines the fastest drive-thru in the United States, Chick-fil-A ranked as the slowest. Taco Bell took the top spot as the fastest drive-thru.

This is a topic that hits near and dear to my heart. I am on every fast food line every single week and I've always had an inkling about the Chick Fil-A drive through. They have people come and meet you before you even get to the screen so I think they allude that it is a fast line. I always thought it was a slow line but in their defense I think they have the most people on their lines. The thing that they do though is make up for it with their niceness.You always feel welcomed and the thing is I always get the right food from there. I guess it isn't hard since there are only 4 options to get so actually they should be faster. I am convincing myself as I write this that they should figure it the fuck out. 


I always played a game at the Taco bell drive thru and ordered the cinnamon twist. My brother and I did the calculations and 65% of the time they forgot the cinnamon twists. So basically they disrespect the twists but I am okay with it because Taco bell actually tries to enhance their menu. They have so many good options and keep adding incredible items like the grilled cheese burrito. They deserve talking the 1st spot in quickness. Here is the top 10 via the New York Post...

  1. Taco Bell (221.99 seconds)
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts (238.16 seconds)
  3. KFC (239.02 seconds)
  4. Arby’s (261.19 seconds)
  5. Burger King (266.68 seconds)
  6. Hardee’s (272.10 seconds)
  7. Wendy’s (275.84 seconds)
  8. Carl’s Jr. (289.36 seconds)
  9. McDonald’s (291.30 seconds)
  10. Chick-fil-A (325.47 seconds)

These are the stats that we need to know in this world. I honestly might go to every drive through and time it myself for you guys. I think Chick-fil-A gets away with a lot and the drive thru is finally getting exposed. I would rather it be quick then someone be nice to me. Be mean as shit to me just make sure I get my food and that grilled cheese burrito is in my gullet. 

I actually want to complain about Chick-fil-a still while I have you. I think they have to change up the fries. These waffle fries don't travel well from the car to home and I think we can fix that together. I can take all of these places to another level but I understand when you get to the top you just don't care about much else. You lose that hunger and desperation to make yourself better. They also get a lot of respect for the best chicken but I think they sold out and don't care about the quality anymore. 

The worst thing about drive thrus is that you cannot see them while they can see you. How do we not have a virtual drive thru screen where we can see the person we're talking to. You never know what's going on. It is an absolute disaster so let's update this shit. Lets be honest though, the Drive Thru is one of the best inventions of all time.

While I am on the subject, these burrito places need to respect the aspect of wrapping the burrito. There should be classes on it because they give it out barely wrapped anymore. Respect the wrap because it changes the experience of eating a burrito. All of us won't take a stand to what really matters in the world and I will be the person to change the fast food life.