Alabama State's Head Coach Went Nuts On Deion Sanders After Today's Game, Forgets That Deion Coached Circles Around Him


Hey man, I respect that you're SWAC. But Deion is Deion. He's SWAC. He's bigger than SWAC. He's whatever he wants, because he's Deion. That's the benefit of being a Hall of Famer as a player and a guy who is creating Jackson State into one the premier FCS teams out there. It's why you have his name linked to Georgia Tech and places like that. So you don't push Deion Sanders, you get to try and push him. 

Oh not to mention that Deion and Jackson State won today too. You don't get to talk shit when you lose 26-12. That's when Deion and Jackson State can say whatever they want. You win, you get to talk shit. 

Oh and I love the reasoning: 

Oh no they were throwing the ball! How dare the competitive sports players ... compete! Not on my watch! Not on this field! It's not like Alabama State could have, you know, stopped them. Could have picked them off or created a sack. Nope. It's only time to get upset. 

I kind of hope Deion comes back to Jackson State next year and keeps throwing it. Throw it 100 times no matter the score.